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Towards e-Administration in the large
EU 6th Framework Program
Interoperability and security are two key topics on the EU eGovernment research agenda. They must be addressed keeping in mind that eGovernment systems will remain heterogeneous while local administrations remain in charge of their configuration and of the definition of their processes.

Project key objectives are:
  1. To gather and elicit the requirements for e-Administration in the large, on basis of which a concrete interoperation of web service enabled legacy public sector applications will be achieved using collaborative workflows.
  2. To provide the tools and methods for an e-Administration in the large from a technical and sociological perspective.
  3. To provide the required security and privacy for an e-Administration in the large, defining the appropriate methods and tools for control, security and privacy at the collaborative workflow and application layer.
Beteiligte Personen
Studentische Arbeiten im Projekt
Diplomarbeit von Christian Hamm
Betreuer: Michael von Riegen     Gutachter: Norbert Ritter, Guido Gryczan