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Main research topics of ISYS
  • Database as a Service and Multi-tenancy
  • Elasticity and Scalability for Cloud Data Management Systems
  • New Protocols, Service Interfaces and Data Models for Cloud Databases
  • Polyglot Persistence, NoSQL, Schemaless Data Modeling
  • Information and Data Quality
  • Integration of heterogeneous Information Systems
  • Management of Probabilistic Data
  • Self-organization / Autonomic Computing
  • Data-Centric Web-Services, RESTful Data Services
  • Database Architectures for Mobile and Web Clients
  • Content Delivery Networks, Caching, Load-Balancing
  • Frameworks and Systems for Parallel and Distributed Big Data Processing
  • Resource and Workload Management in Cloud Databases
  • Tunable and Eventual Consistency, Low-Latency Communication
  • High Availability, Reliability, Failover
  • Transactional Models for Cloud Databases
  • Query Languages and Processing, Programming Models
  • Benchmarking and Evaluation Methods for Scalable Database Systems