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AutorenWolfram Wingerath, Benjamin Wollmer, Felix Gessert, Stephan Succo, Norbert Ritter
TitelGoing for Speed: Full-Stack Performance Engineering in Modern Web-Based Applications
Publiziert inProceedings of the Web Conference 2021 (WWW'2021)
ZusammenfassungLoading times are key in modern Web-based applications, because customer satisfaction and business success critically depend on the time that users have to spend waiting. But despite continuous technological advances on both the server and the client side, three developments on the Web are making fast page loads increasingly difficult to achieve. First, user demands have been rising continuously and are therefore more challenging to meet than ever before. Second, users are often not only distributed across the globe, but also predominantly relying on mobile devices with limited processing and network resources. Third, today's high degree of personalization renders traditional caching mechanisms infeasible and thereby impedes fast content delivery. Designing and implementing fast Web-based applications has consequently become a complex task that requires expertise in a variety of fields. This tutorial presents an end-to-end discussion of latency in modern Web-based application stacks, reviewing research and engineering best practices ranging from data management over application development to user monitoring and data analytics. Our tutorial starts with a primer on why Web performance plays such a critical role for user satisfaction today and in which ways it affects business-critical metrics such as conversion rate or overall revenue. We then dissect different two- and three-tier architectures to uncover where the performance bottlenecks are located in modern Web-based application stacks, how they can be measured effectively, and what the state of the art has to offer for resolving them. A guest speaker from Google will further present a primer on the Core Web Vitals to highlight Google's perspective on web performance and its relevance for business owners everywhere. We close with a synoptic discussion of open challenges and a trajectory of possible future developments.
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