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StatusDiese Publikation wird noch veröffentlicht.
AutorenAlexander Pokahr, Lars Braubach, Kai Jander
TitelJadex: A Generic Programming Model and One-Stop-Shop Middleware for Distributed Systems
Publiziert inPIK - Praxis der Informationsverarbeitung und Kommunikation
EditorOtto Spaniol
MediumBand 2 Nummer 36
ZusammenfassungThe developer of a distributed application is confronted with numerous intricate issues such as concurrency, heterogeneity and security. , just to name a few. A vast amount of Many approaches and technologies exist, each of which focuses on addressing some subset of these issues. Yet, developing distributed applications in many cases remains a challenge due to a missing coherent conceptual model as well as due to re-occurring but nonethess difficult technical and configuration problems. The middleware Jadex has been built to alleviate challenges on both parts by proposing an new yet very intuitive programming model as well as a mature one-stop-shop middleware for many different distributed applications.
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