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AutorenFabian Panse, Norbert Ritter
TitelCompleteness in Databases with Maybe-Tuples
Publiziert inProceedings of the 4th Workshop on Quality of Information Systems at ER 2009
EditorCarlos A. Heuser and Günther Pernul
VerlagSpringer Heidelberg
MediumLecture Notes in Computer Science Band 5833
DatumNovember 2009
NotizAdvances in Conceptual Modeling - ER Workshops
ZusammenfassungSome data models use so-called maybe tuples to express the uncertainty, whether or not a tuple belongs to a relation. In order to assess this relation’s quality the corresponding vagueness needs to be taken into account. Current metrics of quality dimensions are not designed to deal with this uncertainty and therefore need to be adapted. One major quality dimension is data completeness. In general, there are two basic ways to distinguish maybe tuples from definite tuples. First, an attribute serving as a maybe indicator (values YES or NO) can be used. Second, tuple probabilities can be specified. In this paper, the notion of data completeness is redefined w.r.t. both concepts. Thus, a more precise estimating of data quality in databases with maybe tuples (e.g. probabilistic databases) is enabled.
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