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AutorenMartin Husemann, Norbert Ritter
TitelData Source Management and Selection for Dynamic Data Integration
Publiziert inSecond International Workshop on Resource Discovery (RED 2009) - Revised Papers
EditorZoé Lacroix
VerlagSpringer Berlin/Heidelberg
MediumLecture Notes in Computer Science Nummer 6162
DatumAugust 2009
ZusammenfassungSelection-dynamic data integration employs a set of known data sources attached to an integration system. For answering a given query, suitable sources are selected from this set and dynamically integrated. This procedure requires a method to determine the degree of suitability of the individual data sources within a short timeframe, eliminating conventional schema matching approaches. We developed a registry component for our DynaGrid virtual data source which analyzes data sources upon registration and constructs a catalog of schema fragments grouped by content and cohesion. Given a concrete query, it provides a ranked list of data sources capable of contributing to answering the query. In this paper, we first give an overview of dynamic data integration and the DynaGrid virtual data source. We then present the design and the functionality of the Registry component and illustrate its task in the overall process of selection-dynamic data integration.
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Dynamic data integration in Grid environments