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AutorenJernej Kovse, Theo Härder, Norbert Ritter
TitelSupporting Mass Customization by Generating Adjusted Repositories for Product Configuration Knowledge
Publiziert inProc. Int. Conf. CAD 2002 - Corporate Engineering Research
DatumMärz 2002
ZusammenfassungThe process of defining a customized product is usually supported by product configurator systems. These systems use product configuration models that formally express the knowledge related to the product\'s configuration possibilities. In computer-based environments supporting cooperation in the activities related to defining configuration models, a repository may be used to implement information-sharing facilities. However, cooperating engineers as well as tools and methodologies used in the environment may pose diverse requirements related to the usage of repository services. In this paper, we describe our approach to defining the desired form of the services using a UML-based specification and hence generating repository managers with adjusted services on the basis of this specification.
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