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AutorenNorbert Ritter, Hans-Peter Steiert
TitelExploiting Reuse Techniques in the SERUM Approach
InstitutionUni Kaiserslautern
AdresseInternal Report, Universität Kaiserslautern, Fachbereich Informatik, DBIS
ZusammenfassungNowadays the complexity of design processes, no matter which design domain (CAD, software engineering, etc.) they belong to, requires system support by means of so-called repositories. Repositories help managing design artifacts by offering adequate storage and manipulation services. To enable the support of the wide variety of application needs, we proposea generative approach for providing repository manager functionality. For the process of customization of a preliminary specification of repository manager services and generating corresponding implementations, application of reuse techniques is crucial. This paper details our approach of generating repository manager functionality by emphasizing the reuse techniques applied and the objects actually reused.
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