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AutorenHenrik Loeser, Norbert Ritter
TiteliWebDB - Integrated Web Content Management based on Object-Relational Database T echnology
Publiziert inProc. Int. Database Engineering and Applications Symposium (I DEAS'99)
DatumAugust 1999
ZusammenfassungSince the emergence of the World Wide Web in the year 1990, the number of accessible Web servers, HTML pages, and, thereby, the amount of accessible data have increased dramatically. Consequently, many people around the world are engaged in maintaining a Web server and its content. While creating HTML pages is getting more and more simple, the administration of a Web site is still a time consuming and demanding task. Available tools for Web Content Management (WCM) only cover some of the relevant aspects of the whole task; an integrated, fully functional solution is missing. Therefore, Web administrators still have to cope with many problems, such as ensuring validity of available documents or keeping hyperlinks consistent. In this paper, we present administrative components of iWebDB, an integrated WCM solution, based on object-relational database technology. By extending an object-relational database system (ORDBS) with WCM functionality, many tasks of WCM, such as validity checks and consistency checks for local hyperlinks, can be delegated to the DBS and, thereby, automated. Therefore, iWebDB achieves more effective and easier administration of a Web server and its content by exploiting the extensibility property of ORDBSs.
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