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AutorenRaimund Feldmann, B. Geppert, Wolfgang Mahnke, Norbert Ritter, Frank Roessler
TitelThe ORDBMS-based SFB 501 Experience Base - Exemplified by the SDL-Pattern Approach
Verlag Uni Kaiserslautern
InstitutionUni Kaiserslautern
AdresseSFB-Report 08/99, SFB 501, Fachbereich Informatik, Universität Kaiserslautern
ZusammenfassungComprehensive reuse and systematic evolution of reuse artifacts as proposed by the Quality Improvement Paradigm (QIP) do not only require tool support for mere storage and retrieval. Rather, an integrated management of (potentially reusable) experience data as well as project-related data is needed. This paper presents an approach exploiting object-relational database technology to implement the QIP-driven reuse repository of the SFB 501. Requirements, concepts, and implementational aspects are discussed and illustrated through a running example, namely the reuse and continuous improvement of SDL patterns for developing distributed systems. Based on this discussion, we argue that object-relational database management systems (ORDBMS) are best suited to implement such a comprehensive reuse repository. It is demonstrated how this technology can be used to support all phases of a reuse process and the accompanying improvement cycle. Although the discussions of this paper are strongly related to the requirements of the SFB 501 experience base, the basic realization concepts, and, thereby, the applicability of ORDBMS, can easily be extended to similar applications, i. e. reuse repositories in general.
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