Flower Power for Android

... an open source library for Parrot's Flower Power sensor platform. It is 100% pure Java.

It's main features are:
  • Easy to use framework to control the Flower Power
  • Framework is 100% pure Java and easily extendable
  • Transparent access to sensor readings (without having to know Bluetooth LE specifics)
    • SystemId, ModelNr, SerialNr, Firmware/Hardware/Software Revision, Manufacturer Name, Certificate Data, PnP-Id, Friendly Name, Color
    • Readings AND Notifications for Temperature, Soil Moisture, Sunlight, Battery Level
  • Advanced Persistency Options
    • Save time series with individual IDs (e.g. for every plant in contrast to every Flower Power sensor)
    • Storage options: internal storage, SD card or Android's SQlite database
    • Automatically smooth and compact time series by applying reduction algorithms (e.g. Douglas-Peucker-Ramer)
  • Plot Support
    • Draw individual time series on nice plots
    • Ready-to-use plot fragment for easy UI integration

The library as well as this website are intended for developers. It mainly offers download, documentation and contact information.

Flower Power for Android is still beta and in an early stage of development, but it's open: comments, bug reports and contributions are warmly welcome !

Credits go to Sandeep Mistry (for a pioneering JavaScript library), Moritz (for the first publicly available Android proof-of-concept) and Jerome (for information and motivation).

Screenshot of the Flower Power for Android Example App Screenshot of the Flower Power for Android Example App
Screenshots of the Example App for the Flower Power for Android Library


28.04.2014 First public release.




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