We encourage the submission of proposals for programming languages and development tools that provide specific programming constructs to facilitate the implementation of the essential concepts used in multi-agent system analysis and specifications (e.g., mental attitudes, distribution, and social interaction). We also welcome submissions describing significant multi-agent applications, as well as agent programming tools that allow the integration of agents with legacy systems. Further, we are particularly interested in approaches or applications that show clearly the added-value of multi-agent programming, and explain why and how this technology should be adopted by designers and programmers both in academia and industry.

The main areas of interest of the ProMAS workshop concern the development and programming of Multi-Agent Systems, ranging from tools, (new) agent and organizational programming concepts to semantics and formal verification. These themes are related to other workshops, including among others the AOSE and AT2AI workshops, which are also organized at AAMAS’08. These workshops aim to coordinate their activities, in particular, by organizing a joint session. Details will be published on the ProMAS web site.

Specific topics for this workshop include, but are not limited to: