Conference Dinner on Rickmer Rickmers

The 'Rickmer Rickmers', a Full Rigger, i.e. a three square-rigged masted ship, the third mast having an additional mizzen-mast, was steel-built on traverse ribs in 1896 in Bremerhaven. The hull is 97 m long, 12.20 m wide and has a draught of 6 m. It had a capacity of 1,980 gross register tons, with an average laden draught of 7.7 m. As windjammer it had a sail area of 3,500 m².

The ship made numerous successful voyages for the Rickmers Shipping Company. After riding a typhoon off Capetown in 1904 the third mast was damaged and had to be replaced and the ship had to be rerigged as a barque.

The SS 'Rickmer Rickmers' has been docked as a museum ship since September 1987 at the Fiete-Schmidt-Landing-Stage in the port of Hamburg. It serves now as museum and restaurant. On the evening of the first conference day, Wednesday 3rd, starting at 7:3 pm, a conference dinner in the maritime restaurant beneath the teak deck of one of the last great wind-jammers will be prepared. You can find the ship in the harbor of Hamburg, upstream from the famous 'Landungsbrücken'. You can walk there from the conference in 15-20 minutes or take subway 'U3' from 'Rathaus' heading 'Barmbek' to 'Landungsbrücken'.