The Conference

The main focus of this conference is to present and discuss latest results and experiences in both industrial and academic system and application software development in the field of electronic commerce - one of the most important application areas of distributed systems technology today.

Both attendees from research as well as from companies which either are already or plan to be involved in various aspects of electronic commerce are invited to participate. Two parallel streams of the conference program allow for presentations of both up-to-date research results as well as discussions of advanced industrial experiences in the field of electronic commerce. Appropriate for the conference's theme, the conference venue is located in the traditional financial district of Hamburg in the 'Chamber of Commerce'.

Conference contributions cover requirements, experiences, implementation reports and ongoing development and research work in the field of Electronic Commerce based on open distributed systems technology.

Address by Richard Mark Soley

Electronic Commerce is already a fact of life for many people, and for most companies of any size. For a brief example: I love bookstores; I spend some time every week browsing titles in several local places. But if I know what I want precisely, I buy the book online, and it arrives in my post box in a few days.

However, the electronic commerce universe has grown haphazardly, with hundreds of different models, protocols and interfaces; the time for consolidation has come, and will be trumpeted by user demands for better, more secure ways of doing business online.

In order to present an up-to-date view of current state-of-the-art technology this conference is drawing together practitioners from the technical infrastructure area (distributed systems, object-oriented systems, secure protocols, etc.); from the societal impact area (legal aspects, rights of payers and payees); and from the user interface area (leveraging existing investments, the realities of the Internet and the World Wide Web).

As representative of the Object Management Group, which is actively working on vertical market standards in the financial and electronic commerce domains, I expect positive results from this conference including direct effects on standards in these areas and therefore strongly recommend you to participate in and support TrEC'98.

Richard Mark Soley, Ph.D.
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Object Management Group, Inc.