Electronic Commerce 1998

Welcome to the home page of the GI/IFIP Conference 'Trends in Electronic Commerce 98' in Hamburg. This WWW-site gives an overview of the conference topics, sessions and presentations of the TrEC'98 conference. TrEC'98 follows a tradition of GI/IFIP workshops and conferences on 'Trends in Distributed Systems' held in Germany during recent years.

The conference has sucessfully taken place with over 260 participants from 26 countries. On these pages you can find an overview of the conference topics, the conference schedule, the conference dinner, and tutorials that were organized. Also we provide most of the slides of the given presentations. You can download them by following the links in the schedule. You can also access the picturebook of photos we took at the conference.
If you need any additional information or if you have comments or suggestions - feel free to eMail us...

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